The Dutch Digital Art

Museum  Almere

(DDAMA), started in 

2016 was created from

the  following


  • Almere, a new town, started in 1976,  has in 2020 more than 213,000 inhabitants.  On its waterside it is beautifully situated on the lakes: Gooimeer, IJmeer and Markermeer. The city is built, besides his dikes, 2 – 5 meter under sea level. Almere continues to develop very rapidly with very nice houses, gardens, cycle paths, half an hour from Amsterdam. After attention mostly for housing, infrastructures, work etc. it is time for a museum for contemporary art. With mostly young people as inhabitants, how can Almere express itself better than with a museum for digital art? This so, to be a pioneer again, now on the artistic digital highway, with artistic initiatives, developments and research, an artistic digital valley.


  • A museum of digital art fits in with the current time image of continuous digitalisation. Communication by digital art is the higher alternative for a faster and more anonymous society, in which the human aspects subordinates to algorithmic, big data, robotisation, anti social media.


  • Digital arts ask:’hey, what are we doing with our society, on social, economic and communication level’. Like art always does, digital art does too: put us back to where we came from; let u think twice; make our world brighter and smaller at the same time. Let us wonder, enjoy, surprise, and above all, make us critical.


  • DDAMA wants to help visitors and followers, to know, where to stand in constantly “turning tables”, to make them part of actual discussions and changing developments in life. That is what digital art can do. So use it.

Digital Art Makes You Open Your Mouth!